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"FREE TRAINING - Marketing OBGYN & Women's Health Services

How to Market Womens Health

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You're going to learn:

In this free training, Medical Marketing Whiz will show you how to market women's health services such as marketing OBGYN, women's intimate health, urinary incontinence treatments, bio-identical hormones, in-office procedures, and more.

  • Dr. Marketing Blueprint for marketing OBGYN and other women’s health services
  • ​Social Media: How to attract more of your ideal patients & which social media platforms are best for your target market
  • Patient Events & Webinars:  How to educate your patients and be seen as the local expert through events & webinars
  • How to generate referrals from both doctors and patients
  • ​​ONE THING you could be overlooking that's impacting your results 

Bonus! Get our Free E-Book on How to Market Women's Intimate Health